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On this site are musings about art today. Many people say that there is no new art- only derivations. Let us look again. Everywhere we see an incredible mixing of people, cultures, and eras — fusions in art, fashion, and everyday life. Many of us live with the whole inspiring world at our fingertips. We blend and fuse together things that at one time might have seemed an odd mix but which strikes a resonant beauty, is constantly in flux, and inspires a causal unity.

We have become a mismatchfusion.

Deeya Loram was born and raised in Berkeley and Los Angeles California. She lived with host families and volunteered in Japan for a year after high school and then attended The University at Berkeley California, graduating summa cum laude with a BFA. She has worked as a camera operator, costume and production designer, and first aid in the film business. She continues to work in film, do art, and travel.

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